Adapting to the Changing Business Environment

J.O. Sims team of experts maintain security of supply, managing delays and avoiding unnecessary costs.

 We hope you are already aware of our expertise in fruit, innovative ingredients, and how we assist companies with their ingredient challenges.  Were you however aware of the focus we put here at J.O. Sims on maintaining our customers supply chain without delays and without adding unnecessary costs?

Strong International Relationships

We source directly from and have long standing relationships with our Global branded supply partners such as Blue Diamond and Ocean Spray. They are all well informed and connected and benefit from preferential treatment to ensure the smoothest movement of their goods. In turn we can pass these benefits on to our customers in the UK.   

European Hub

We have a European hub where we receive goods, consolidate smaller orders, and import them in a dedicated load with the correct paperwork, to allow smooth transition through customs clearance, minimising delays & avoiding unnecessary costs.

UK Storage Facilities

We have temperature controlled and bonded storage facilities at our site in Spalding. Under post-Brexit trading rules with Europe, our bonded warehouse mitigates payment of double duty when shipping imported products into Europe.

Dedicated & Experienced Teams

Customer Services

We have a conscientious, knowledgeable, and experienced customer services team who work directly with our customers, promoting good relationships built on understanding of our customer’s needs and ensuring consistent and well-informed communication and information sharing. Our team is available 7 days a week for enquiries, so last-minute requests can be managed even during the weekend. 


We have a dedicated logistics team who ensure importing and exporting our products from across the world is straight forward and as easy as possible. They keep close to international customs offices in origin ports to better manage potential local delays, and are constantly adapting to the changing environment, managing the risks, and understanding the pressures on our industry.

 Both our teams have strong relationships with national and local hauliers which, alongside the changes we have implemented, have helped maintain strong supply performance for our customers over the last 12 months.

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