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A few months on since we announced our exclusive UK partnership with One Banana, we are pleased to publish that we have increased our range of Banana Puree pack formats to include a 21kg bag in box to go along side our other bulk formats, broadening our range to suit customer requirements. In addition, we have increased our stock holding capacity with warehousing in Rotterdam, complementing our UK storage in Spalding, making it even easier to service our customer orders. Alongside this, we have been fully appreciating how functionally versatile our One Banana, banana ingredients are! 

The One Banana range includes Aseptic Banana Puree and Drum Dried Banana
Flakes and Powder.  


 All are 100% fruit and are nutritionally packed, rich in energy providing carbohydrate and a good source of insoluble fibre, potassium, magnesium, biotin and vitamin C, all contributing to the nutritional power of finished products.

They tick all the right plant-based boxes too!

We knew all of this of course right from the start, but we didn’t fully appreciate how functionally versatile they are! 

Developing with our banana ingredients

Chef Lawrence, Head of Food at J.O. Sims, has been putting the products through their paces in our Innovation Centre, and comments “The banana puree’s natural flavour works with such a wide variety of tastes including tangy, fruity, creamy, sweet, indulgent and savoury. It’s a great flavour to pair with current trending ingredients as well as being strong enough to lead as the main flavour.”

He continues, “Additionally, its functionality makes it really versatile for product development. We’ve had success using it as a natural binder and stabiliser in many recipes, with the bonus of great flavour. In some recipes the benefits of the full banana range led me to use them all! For a recent bakery brief, I created a filling using just two banana ingredients. A great alternative for ‘Crème Patissiere’. The banana puree created a smooth texture, which I thickened with the banana powder to provide the right viscosity, sweetness and mouthfeel. This resulted in a smooth natural filling free of refined sugar, additional starches as well as being low in fat.”

Emma Raper, Marketing and Innovation Manger, is delighted with the on trend ingredients, and says, “One Banana Ingredients offer strong sustainability and CSR credentials as well as being quality, cost effective ingredients with natural functionality. They are the perfect match to customer product development needs, whether EPD or NPD.”


One Banana are a family owned, sustainable, vertically integrated agri food corporation committed to the highest responsible production standards.

They produce exceptional quality banana ingredients from their premium bananas, carefully grown on their own certified farms in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. Their strong sustainability values are at the heart of what they do, ensuring they take care of and optimise the natural resources around them.

Here are some examples of their sustainable farming practices. 


One Banana are dedicated to achieving operations with a purpose. Their values are part of the organisational culture that differentiates them in the marketplace, through their sustainability strategy and ethical practices.

Here are a few examples of the corporate social responsibility programs which are having a positive impact on the communities and regions One Banana operate in.

Enjoy this film to discover more about One Banana and the endless applications for our banana ingredients!

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