Fruit, Nut & Seed Blending and Processing

We are experts in fruit, nut and seed breaking, blending & processing and we want to share our capabilities with all of our customers, taking away the added complexity of blending in-house – solving your dried fruit and nut issues so that you can concentrate on what you do best!


  • Blends fruits, nuts, cereals, and seeds whilst stringently meeting all allergen requirements
  • Reduces stickiness and clumping of dried fruit
  • Dices dried fruits for optimum piece size
  • Creates tailored blends using fruit, nut, seeds, and cereals
  • Adds flavour (spices & seasonings) to create interest

Manufacturing Manager, Adele Davies plays a key role in the quality control of our blending capabilities and is proud of the blending service J.O. Sims offers its customers “We offer a trusted and reliable service, built from us working to innovate and create processes and products that solve our customers issues. Not only does our service take away the complexity of processing and blending in-house but it keeps our customers at the forefront of innovative blends.”  

Marketing & Innovation Manager, Emma Raper is thrilled that J.O. Sims has been able to work on innovative tailored blends for their customers “We want to create fruit-based products that are inspiring for our customers and bring exciting new combinations of products to the market to ensure we are leading the industry in this area. We believe our blending capabilities deliver just that.”

Talk to us today if you want to pass the management of processing and blending onto the experts here at J.O. Sims.