Cookie policy

What are Cookies & how do we use them?

Cookies are simple text files that are downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are not harmful and are used by websites for a number of different jobs such as helping you navigate between pages and generally improving your browsing experience.

Cookies contain information about how you use websites but do not contain any personal data.


There are many different types of cookies and they are often grouped into the following categories:

1. Performance Cookies

We use performance cookies to help us improve our website and provide you with a better user experience. Performance cookies collect information on how you use our website. All the information collected is anonymous and is not passed on to any third parties. Our site uses:

Google Analytics: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz

These cookies are set by Google Analytics in order to evaluate how people use our website. The results are then compiled into a report for us, which we use to improve our site.


2. Functionality Cookies.

Functionality cookies remember choices you have made and enable us to tailor the website to you. Our site uses:

Cookie Consent: cc_cookie_accept, cc_cookie_decline

This cookie remembers whether you have given consent to store cookies from our site on your computer