Dates for Ramadan

In 2023 the market for Dates grew by 3.6% (Kantar WorldPanel Online) showing the demand for the fruit is on the up. This Sunday marks the start of Ramadan, when up to 3.9 million Britons won’t be eating during daylight hours between the 10th March and 9th April. Dates are traditionally eaten to break the fast, something that is rooted in religious teachings.

J.O. Sims has been preparing for Ramadan since before Christmas, and this year we’re forecasting an uplift of at least 30% year on year. As part of our preparations, we have been working closely with Al Foah in the UAE, who are one of the world’s largest processors of dates. Their wonderful Khalas Dates are sticky, sweet and some are even stuffed with a nut, which make for the perfect way to break a day without eating. The bright and bold Freakin’ Awesome packaging is a stand out on shelf and will be available in selected Tesco’s and Morrisons stores this Ramadan.

Freakin' Awesome - Whole Khalas Dates

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