Announcing the Launch of our No Added Sugar Fruit Pastes

J.O. Sims has launched new date & raisin pastes!

J.O. Sims, the fruit experts, continue to innovate their product offering in a bid to help food manufacturers reduce the use of refined sugars by offering a natural no added sugar alternative in the form of fruit paste.

The fruit pastes are full of flavour with natural fruity sweetness and provide a great base to add other flavours to. The pastes smooth texture and rich intense colour make them a great fit for food products such as energy balls, cereal and snack bars, bakery goods and sauces and pickles. They also function as a binder for granolas or as a filling in breakfast cereals and baked goods.

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Read what our fruit experts have to say

Jacqui Fairey

Ingredients Commercial Director

Jacqui Fairey, Ingredients Commercial Director at J.O. Sims comments on this latest product innovation “here at J.O. Sims we are extremely excited by the launch of our new Date & Raisin pastes. As a long-term supplier of fruit, nut and seeds to well-known food manufacturers and retailers in the UK, we’ve spotted the trend towards reducing refined sugar and using natural ingredients.” Jacqui added “We see lots of growth for the future of our ingredients business, as the addition of these pastes further extends our portfolio of innovative ingredients, which we hope demonstrates our commitment to continue to lead the field in creating food solutions.”

Lawrence Brackstone

Head of Food

Lawrence Brackstone, Head of Food for J.O. Sims talks about his passion for developing new products with these latest ingredients “Our Date & Raisin pastes are innovative products that will help manufacturers to develop new and adapt existing products to perform better. There are so many opportunities for new product development with them! I look forward to working with our customers and bringing exciting products to the market with our new fruit pastes.”