J.O. Sims: Ingredient Inflation Solutions

In January 2021 we launched our Innovation Centre with Head of Food, Lawrence Brackstone.

Over the last year this new facility has focused on driving food excellence and education for the benefit of all of our customers across fresh, snacks and ingredients.

Innovation is at the heart of our business and Lawrence is maximising what we can deliver, allowing us to always go above and beyond for our customers.

The innovation team work with our customers to evaluate the right ingredients and provide solutions for sourcing and handling. We know that cost inflation is having a huge impact on the food industry, therefore our innovation experts can present alternative solutions that meet our customers cost needs whilst still delivering on taste and quality.

Lawrence talks about what he has most enjoyed being involved with since joining J.O. Sims; “I have really enjoyed working with our customers to develop new concepts and prototypes. It’s been great to get together at our tailor-made workshops and help to improve their knowledge of fruit and nuts as ingredients and, ultimately, how they can better use fruit and nuts in their products.”

Jacqui Fairey, Head of Ingredients, says: “The innovation team’s market and consumer insight analysis has been vital to our customers over the last year & will continue to be, especially with the need to find alternatives to work around cost inflations. Whilst we are the fruit and nut experts we believe that we should never stop trying to improve and learn as much as we can about the industry we operate in, in order to further hone our skills and pass this knowledge on to our customers to help them achieve their goals.”

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About J.O. Sims Ltd Based in Spalding Lincolnshire.

J.O. Sims is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh fruit, fruit ingredients and healthy snacks. The company farms over 1,000 acres of cherry and apple orchards worldwide and is the UK’s largest supplier of cranberry and wild blueberry ingredients. Since it was founded in 1896 by Josiah Oliver Sims, the business has built a series of long lasting relationships with leading quality growers and processors, around the world, to bring a wide variety of fresh fruit and innovative fruit ingredient solutions to the UK market.