New Ocean Spray® Infused Dried Fruits

J.O. Sims have announced a new addition to their extensive ingredient range. Working with Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., the agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer families, the UK fruit business has launched a new line of infused dried fruits. J.O. Sims facilitated the development through its stake in the Polish apple ingredient manufacturer Zarecki Foods.

The relationship between J.O. Sims, Ocean Spray and Zarecki Foods will initially focus on producing infused dried sour cherries, cultivated blueberries and blackcurrants, which will go on to be used predominantly in baked goods, breakfast cereals and snacks.

Zarecki Foods has invested in a new, state of the art, efficient and environmentally friendly vacuum infusion plant, and is working in collaboration with farmer-owned cranberry co-operative Ocean Spray, to bring Ocean Spray® branded infused dried fruit to its UK customers.

For J.O. Sims customers, this will mean greater choice and unrivalled supply chain stability, as the company will oversee all aspects, from raw material selection to delivery.

In partnership with Ocean Spray for more than 60 years, J.O. Sims markets Ocean Spray® cranberries sold as ingredients to B2B customers in the UK.

Christopher Sims, MD of J.O. Sims commented, “We are thrilled to be able to work with Ocean Spray in licensing its brand for dried fruits made by Zarecki foods”. Sims continued, “We are delighted that the Ocean Spray team have contributed their extensive infusion technology knowledge and expertise to this new range of high quality infused dried fruits, which will be a perfect addition to our existing speciality ingredient range”.

We are excited to work with J.O. Sims and Zarecki on this project, which will greatly expand our product portfolio in the UK and Europe,” said Lee Doleman, Ocean Spray General Manager for Ingredients EMEA. “This is a unique opportunity for our historic brand to both champion the highest quality fruit ingredients with the security of locally sourced European raw materials, while also leveraging the exceptional manufacturing facilities at Zarecki Foods.”

Zarecki Foods Managing Director Marcin Sosnicki is already looking to the future; “The new line will be a springboard into securing the future of the business and the future of our customer partnerships, as we build on our dried apple success and support their innovation needs through our planned programme of innovation in fruit ingredients”.

For more information about the new range view our brochure.