New season Infused Dried Fruit… What can you look forward to?

the many benefits of using our infused dried fruits!

With the new season just around the corner, we wanted to remind you of the benefits of J.O. Sims’ Delicious and Juicy Infused Dried Sour Cherries, Cultivated Blueberries and Blackcurrants. We think our infused dried fruits are best in class, on trend plant-based ingredients that have endless applications!

The other great fact is, they are gently processed in our own modern Polish manufacturing facility Zarecki Foods, perfectly placed near the main growing regions in Poland, the #1 source of sour cherries, cultivated blueberries and blackcurrants in Europe.

This means that for J.O. Sims customers, we can offer unrivalled  Supply Chain Stability as our dedicated procurement and logistic team oversee all aspects of the process, from raw material selection through to delivery. In addition, it’s even easier to service our customer orders with our UK storage in Spalding and through our increased stock holding capacity in Rotterdam.


Our range of high quality infused dried fruits are a delicious, tasty, burst of real fruit! These clean label dried fruits have naturally intense colour and a mouth-wateringly juicy texture.

Shown here are our Infused Dried Blackcurrants with dried apple and walnuts in this yummy bar!



An explosion of flavour and colour, our  infused dried fruits deliver a superior taste sensation to enhance product innovations. Plant based indulgence at its finest.


Shown here are our Infused Dried Sour Cherries with hickory smoked almonds and spiced chilli roasted pumpkin seeds. A snacking sensation!




Ideal for snacking on in trail mixes, or in breakfast cereals and bars, our infused dried fruits are also the perfect addition to baked treats. The possibilities are limitless!


Shown here is a modern twist on a classic chocolate chip cookie, using our Infused Dried Cultivated Blueberries and white chocolate!


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