Zero Waste Ocean Spray® Cranberry Seeds: Colourful, Sustainable, Nutritious

At J.O. Sims we wanted to share with you one of our latest innovative ingredients, Cranberry Seeds from Ocean Spray®. Cranberry Seeds have distinctive bright red colour, are upcycled and harvested from cranberries certified as sustainably grown, and in addition have exceptional nutritional value! So, if you are striving to introduce innovative, upcycled ingredients to your products with powerful nutritional benefits, look no further than the Zero Waste Ocean Spray® Cranberry Seed.

Natural Colour

Cranberry Seeds retain the natural bright red colour of the cranberry itself. They are an excellent addition to a multitude of products including but not limited to smoothies, breakfast cereal, snack bars, pastries, cakes and bread.


The Cranberry Seeds are obtained from Ocean Sprays® cranberries, which have been verified by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative as sustainably grown. Ocean Spray® farmers implement regenerative farming as they grow the cranberries using practices that support health and conservation of natural resources.  In addition, the Cranberry Seeds themselves are upcycled from what would have been food waste, fostering a zero-waste supply chain. Ocean Spray’s® commitment to protecting the environment is clear and at J.O. Sims, we are delighted to be a part of this, bringing this exciting, clean label ingredient to our UK customers for Existing and New Product Development.

Cranberry Seeds

Exceptionally Nutritious

Cranberry Seeds are an excellent source of fibre, which can help support the digestive system, having 1.6 times the amount found in chia and flax seeds, both popular as healthy ingredients! Cranberry Seeds in addition are a good source of zinc, magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty acids, important to support immunity, heart & cognitive health.

Here’s a fantastic little film for you to enjoy and find out a bit more!

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