Going Bananas for Sustainability

This new opportunity will see J.O. Sims add the supply of Banana Ingredients to its existing Fruit and Nut Ingredient portfolio.

J.O. Sims Ltd are delighted to announce their New UK Exclusive Supplier Partnership with One Banana

One Banana is one of the Worlds’ largest growers, shippers and distributors of Bananas. The team at J.O. Sims chose One Banana as their Banana Ingredient Supply Partner due to the exceptional quality of their banana ingredients, their strong sustainability values and the added natural functionality that their banana ingredients can offer.

One Bananas’ Strong Sustainability Practices

One Banana are a family owned, certified sustainable, vertically integrated, agri food corporation committed to the highest standards of responsible production from their own certified farms in Guatemala and Peru.

Their focus on environmental priorities is clear with their sustainably grown bananas and through their care and optimisation of natural resources.

Banana Ingredient Functionality and their Diverse Applications

Banana Flakes & Powder (Ve)

Superior Natural Functionality – Reduces need for additional ingredients & maintains clean label.

Binder, Thickener, Natural Sweetener, Fat Replacer, Emulsion Stabiliser

Nutritionally Packed – Contributing to the nutritional profile of finished products.

High Fibre, a good source of Potassium, Magnesium, Biotin & Vitamin C

Versatile; 100% real fruit ingredients; easy to use with endless applications including:

Banana Puree (Ve)

Naturally tasty; wholesome sweet banana with a smooth and silky texture

Nutritionally Packed – Contributing to the nutritional profile of finished products.

Source of insoluble Fibre, Potassium, Magnesium, Biotin & Vitamin C

Versatile; 100% real fruit puree; easy to use with endless applications including:

Develop New Products with Banana Ingredients

Chef Lawrence, Head of Food at J.O. Sims, comments, “We are seeing lots of growth in plant based/Vegan, Banana tasting products. Banana works so well with current trends for chocolate and ‘brown’ flavours – think a sticky Banana pudding with a rich toffee sauce!”

As well as the taste, Banana ingredients also present many options for product development when manufacturers are looking to adapt recipes to be more nutritionally packed, contain real fruit that delivers added functionality (so enabling a minimal ingredient declaration) that offer strong sustainability and CSR credentials.

Marketing & Innovation Manager at J.O. Sims, Emma Raper, says, “Banana ingredients are a welcome addition to our portfolio of ingredient products. They complement our wider offer and their introduction further demonstrates our commitment to provide innovative food solutions to our customers.”

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