South African Ridge Cherries

J.O. Sims are excited to see the launch of their newly branded J.O. Sims Ridge Cherries into the South African market. Sold from their own beautiful orchards just outside of Rustenburg, the locally sourced cherries are having a successful season.

Emma Raper, Marketing and Innovation Manager at J.O. Sims, commented “We are delighted with the new branded cherry punnet. The Ridge Cherries are packed in a cardboard punnet, which looks great and offers fresh, locally-grown cherries to consumers. It is outperforming our expectations!”

The success of the cherries is a testament to J.O. Sims’ expertise, thanks to their years of experience growing cherries around the world in the UK, Chile, Spain, USA, Canada and South Africa. 

Cherries require good air circulation, deep and well-drained soil, and plenty of space to grow successfully. The South African high-altitude landscapes allow for these natural conditions, making the crops of cherries flourish throughout the season.  J.O. Sims Ridge Cherries are uniquely farmed at an altitude of 5000ft to allow them the best natural elements, from air to earth quality, and making them one of the earliest Southern Hemisphere cherry producers in the world.

J.O. Sims Managing Director, Christopher Sims commented, “We are thrilled to offer our delicious, fresh cherries to South African customers from our own farms within the country. Global demand for year-round cherries continues and having farms across the world to produce continuous crops gets the company one step closer to achieving its long stated goal 52-weeks availability of high-quality fresh cherries every year.”