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Some of the technologies we use are unique in the UK.

We offer a wide variety of packaging options and we can tailor products
for different allergen or nutritional considerations.

Tailor made solutions everyday

Our snacks are entirely bespoke, created to meet your brief and deliver clear product differentiation.

They are based on fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds; presented in a variety of formats to suit different market opportunities.

Whether you are looking for something traditional such as energy boosting, potassium-rich Medjool Dates, or something new and different such as the lowest-fat fruit & vegetable crisps in the world – we can develop the best solution to suit your requirements.

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using latest technology to create the widest variety of products

Our UK manufacturing showcases our unique, dedicated, nut allergen blending facility. A significant investment driven by customer needs, this newly created line was designed to guarantee final product quality of a variety of blended products.

We also offer a non nut allergen facility, with fruit breaking technology, delicate tumble mixing, in line metal detection and versatile packing to ensure even the most fragile ingredients can be handled with care.

Our goal is to offer a unique snacking experience, and after almost two decades, our passion for creating the highest quality, better for you, delicious snacks continues to thrive.

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