The New Season Cranberry Crop is Coming

Cranberries have reached their peak of colour and flavour and harvest is just getting underway in North America, so we thought we would share with you some interesting facts about how cranberries are harvested and remind you of what a versatile, healthy fruit this is.

So how is a cranberry harvested?

Step 1

The night before harvest the bog is flooded with up to 18 inches of water.

Step 2

Water reels churn the water and loosen the cranberries from the vine.

Step 3

Four tiny air pockets in each berry allow them to float to the surface.

Step 4

The berries are corralled together, loaded into trucks and sent to receiving stations.

Step 4

After cleaning and sorting the berries are frozen and then dried.

We are the UK’s largest importer of cranberries and exclusive agent for Ocean Spray Cranberries. Once harvested in the US, our dedicated procurement and logistics team oversee all aspects of the supply chain process, from raw material selection through to delivery. Our cranberries are imported and stored in our modern manufacturing facility in Spalding ready to be delivered to our customers.

Cranberries are an easy to use, sustainably grown, zero waste fruit with multiple health benefits. They are packed with antioxidants, contain essential vitamins and minerals, are high in carbohydrates important for energy release, a great source of fibre, important for satiety and are cholesterol free, which is important for cardiovascular health.

In addition to standard cranberries, we also offer Berryfusions (cranberries combined with the natural taste of other fruits), frozen, concentrate and puree, showcasing just what a versatile fruit the cranberry is. As well as being delicious on their own or in a trail mix, our cranberries go on to be used in a diverse range of products covering cereals, snack bars, baked goods, cheese, desserts and juice products.

So how will you be using this year’s cranberries?

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