Our UK Factory: Adding Value to Our Customers

We are continually making improvements, adding new services and capabilities to our UK factory in order to continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Our operational expertise in fruit, nut and seed processing and blending is well established. We have added to our expertise this year with the launch of our no added sugar fruit paste line, and still to come later this summer is our new bagging facility, to further improve our offering and provide a more flexible retail bagging service to our customers.

J.O. Sims Office

Here’s a quick summary of our UK factory added value capabilities:

Coming up ... Later in 2022

Our new bag filler will enable us to offer a wider range of pack formats and sizes,

giving you more flexibility.

Why use J.O. Sims for your fruit and nut processing:

Operational Expertise

UK based, operational expertise. Read our case study examples of how we helped our customers improve their production.

Ingredients experts

20+ years of experience.

Development Team

Working with our customers to evaluate the right ingredients and provide solutions for sourcing and handling.


Flexible on order quantities and packaging formats.

Quality Control

Very high technical and quality standards.

Want to find out how you can best utilise the capabilities of our factory to help your business?

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