Our Expertise is in Fruit: Canadian Wild Blueberries

As the Wild Blueberry harvest is upon us and the new season’s fruit will soon be on the market, we wanted to remind you about our expertise in Canadian Wild Blueberries and why you should choose to buy from J.O. Sims.


They are part of our history…


 We have been supplying frozen Wild Blueberries into the UK for over 20 years, in fact, Keith Sims, our current Managing Director – Christopher Sims’ father, introduced Wild Blueberries into the UK 40 years ago. They were one of our original ingredients alongside cranberries!

Blueberry Harvest

Our customers say we are experts!

“J.O. Sims’ reliability on the supply of wild blueberries and ability to fix issues before they even become a problem for the customer is second to none. Excellent Account Management & quality products. Highly recommend!”

Category Manager


“We have bought Canadian Wild Blueberries from J.O. Sims since 2017, they have expert knowledge of the fruit and its supply chain and their knowledge of the crop is really helpful with planning. Excellent service all round.”

Bart “n” Lainy’s

In case you didn’t know…


  1. Wild Blueberries have grown naturally for thousands of years in the Canadian wilderness and in Maine, North America. They are not planted, only managed and harvested where they grow naturally. They are often harvested by hand.
  2. Wild Blueberries are smaller in size than cultivated blueberries and have a much more intense flavour. Additionally, they have a higher skin-to-pulp ratio meaning more antioxidant-rich pigments and more fibre, important for good health.
  3. We work with the largest vertically integrated fruit farm in the world to offer Wild Blueberries to the UK market.
  4. They are the industry leader in the Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process.
  5. Our relationship with them goes back 40+ years.
  6. They are looking after the environment and follow a strict “farm for the future” approach. They are committed to long term sustainable practices to ensure that Wild Blueberries continue to improve for the benefit of future generations.
Wild Blueberries

The classics!


Classically, and we are sure everyone knows, they are used in cheesecakes and muffins. The seeping of the frozen Wild Blueberry juices into the batter during baking is a real attribute to the appearance of the finished muffin. Frozen Wild Blueberries are perfect for baking due to their intense flavour, captured as part of the IQF process.

Wild Blueberries

Being creative….

Existing and new product development


Our product range has expanded significantly since we first brought our initial fruit “ingredients” to the UK market and we now offer not just IQF Wild Blueberries, but Wild Blueberries in formats suitable for all baked goods, breakfast cereals, granolas, porridges, snack bars, cheese, confectionery and much much more…

Here’s why our customers choose Wild Blueberries from J.O. Sims


  • UK based
  • Wild Blueberry ingredients experts: 20+ years of experience
  • Multiple Wild Blueberry formats including:
  • Our own Development Chef and Innovation Centre can provide our customers with industry leading product development expertise
  • Flexible on order quantities
  • Very high technical and quality standards
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