Water Saving Week

It is Water Saving Week 23rd-27th May 2022, organised by Waterwise to raise awareness of ways we can all reduce our water consumption and ultimately be more sustainable. At J.O. Sims, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our operations and work in a more sustainable way. A core product for our business is fresh cherries, and growing cherries relies on water availability.

We vigorously aim for responsible water usage across all our cherry farms and have implemented a range of water saving activities including the adoption of drip irrigation, the use of water sensors to calculate crop requirements and the utilisation of on farm reservoirs to capture natural rainfall and snow melt. We also follow orchard husbandry practices including mulching to reduce soil temperature and evapotranspiration, which also assists with soil water retention. The team at J.O. Sims and our suppliers are constantly reviewing current techniques and looking for new innovative practices to enhance sustainability and water stewardship. J.O. Sims encourages the adoption of Global Gap Spring which is centred on sustainable water management and continuous improvement.  We also apply water management tools to track high risk water regions across our supply base and to assist us in future trends and procurement decisions.

This is a good resource for tips for reducing water usage in your homes and gardens: https://watersworthsaving.org.uk/top-tips/

If you’d like to find out more about our water saving initiatives and other sustainability actions please email enquiries@josims.com