Examples of how we “Do the Difficult”

We have a dedicated Development and Innovation Department

At J.O. Sims, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to evaluate the right ingredients and provide solutions for sourcing and handling. We have a dedicated Development and Innovation Department who work with our customers on such projects.

The latest examples

Here are some of the latest examples of how we have helped our customers overcome obstacles affecting their business:

Improving Line Efficiency

The Challenge

‘Customer A’ operates a successful and high-volume cereal line. Their operations team was asked to look at ways they could reduce the production costs of one of their cereals.

The Solution

The client approached J.O. Sims and we conducted a full survey of their ingredients handling area. We then followed up with a trial, where we supplied perfectly weighed batches of pre-blended ingredients. The outcome of this trial was a considerable cost saving for our customer through faster line speeds and fewer line operatives at the front-end of the line.

Help with Small and Niche Ingredients

The Challenge

‘Customer B’ manufactures a flapjack line with a large number of ingredient inclusions. Delays with any one of these ingredients was impacting the production schedule, causing customer shortages. In addition, this way of working meant they had multiple SKUs to manage, multiple pallet spaces used in their warehouse, individual BBE checks to carry out and QA and technical checks to carry out on each ingredient.

The Solution

Multiple ingredients were pre-blended at J.O. Sims and supplied in batch size boxes. The outcome of this was significant time saving for our customer, with not only fewer delays and less disruption to the production schedule, but also giving fewer SKU’s to stock manage, store and technically assess.

Manual Handling – Ingredients

The Challenge

‘Customer C’ handled ingredients with high dust levels. This created a lot of dust in the bottom of their cereal packs and created a potential health hazard to employees on the line.

The Solution

Having discussed this with us, we were able to assess their current operation and then advise them on how this can be removed, by buying pre-blended ingredients supplied by J.O. Sims. The outcome of this was a significant reduction in dust on the production line, ensuring a safe environment for their production operatives and a reduction in dust at the bottom of the cereal, so maintaining the highest quality standards for their product. 

Manual Handling – Fruit Breaking

The Challenge

‘Customer D’ parted with their fruit breaking machinery on site, in favour of manual breaking.  However, after moving to manual breaking, it was clear that this new approach could not scale up to meet their production requirements and was causing processing delays.

The Solution

The customer highlighted this production challenge to J.O. Sims, and after assessing their requirements, we are now “breaking the fruit” and adding rice flour to it before packing, to supply a free-flowing material. The outcome of this was to greatly improve the production efficiency of the line, creating more capacity for our customer.

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