Medjool Date ‘Ferrero Rocher Style’ Recipe

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After-Dinner Treat - Medjool Date
'Ferrero Rocher Style'!

A treat to enjoy with some drinks or a sweet ending to your meal. Developed by our Chef Lawrence, this Date themed take on the traditional Ferrero Rocher, will definitely become a new Christmas tradition for you once you’ve tried one!

Be sure to use the best quality Medjool dates, hazelnuts and dark chocolate for the most sumptuous taste!

Medjool Date Recipe

Medjool Date
'Ferrero Rocher Style'

Prep Time = 30 minutes



  1. Add 2 whole hazelnuts into each date where the stone was, then seal the flesh back over.

  2. Heat the cream and stir in the chocolate until smooth to make the ganache.

  3. Whilst warm add each date to the ganache until fully coated.

  4. Remove from the ganache and add to a tray of the chopped toasted hazelnuts and roll until fully coated.

  5. Allow to set and serve with drinks at Christmas time.

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